Cambridge Global Wealth Management​

Offshore financial services and investment advice

Wealth Management

Helping you, your company, trust, or family, create effective and lasting financial plans.

Investment Strategies​

Based on your needs and objectives and the agreed amount of risk you are willing to take, we advise an investment portfolio asset mix that best meets these requirements.​

Portfolio Monitoring​

Keeping your investments in line with your goals at all times, even when they change, recommending and administering changes on your behalf once you agree and confirm in writing.

Why Bermuda?

Bermuda is a UK overseas territory and a world leading offshore financial centre in size and regulation.

Bespoke Services

Every new client has different needs. Work directly with a financial professional to create a plan.

Investment Options

Low cost platform options offering 24/7 client access and thousands of fund choices in a number of different currencies.

Financial Advice

Highly qualified professional advice and experience working in multiple jurisdictions.